YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel


The YouTube channel was developed as a way to show to the public how to utilize various educational technology tools in addition to providing tutorials on data-driven decision-making for teachers and administrators. On the YouTube channel, you will be able to view tutorials, which will show you step by step “how to’s” of how to utilize edtech tools and data-driven decision-making. My goal is to help build technology and data literacy for teachers and administrators of all levels to help bolster instruction and student learning.

Link: Dr. Rhoads YouTube Channel


The content of the Youtube Channel is divided into two categories: Edtech Tools “How-to” Tutorials and Data-Driven Decision-Making for Teachers and Administrators.

Edtech Tools: How-To Tutorials

  1. G-Suite: Google Classroom, Drive, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Draw
  2. Edtech Student Collaboration Tools
  3. Edtech Formative/Summative Assessment
  4. Edtech Student Engagement Tools
  5. Instructional Strategies and Edtech

Data-Driven Decision-Making for Teachers and Administrators

  1. Collecting Data in K-12 Settings
  2. Compiling and Cleaning Data
  3. Transforming Data Using Statistics
  4. Making Decisions Using K-12 Data – Teachers
  5. Making Decisions Using K-12 Data – Administrators