Navigating Education – The Podcast

Our focus is on discussing relevant topics in education that help teachers, school leaders, policy makers and community members navigate the present and future of education.

about the podcast

Navigating Education – The Podcast’s main mission is to help all stakeholders in education amplify learning for students in the present and the future. In the podcast, we discuss relevant topics in education as well as education research and instructional practices that can be infused with educational technology to amplify learning for use in classrooms around the world. Dr. Matt Rhoads is the host and moderator of the podcasts and it has three distinct formats. First, there are short ten-minute solo episodes where Dr. Rhoads provides a monologue on a specific education topic. The second type of episode format is where Dr. Rhoads collaborates with his wife and fellow educator Alicia Rhoads to discuss relevant teaching practices and topics in education, which lasts about twenty-minutes. The third and final format is where Dr. Rhoads brings on guests from all walks of life and roles within education to hear about new innovations, perspectives, practices, research, books, and to simply connect and learn. Ultimately, through each of these various avenues, the hope of this podcast is to help you navigate the present and future of education.

Where to find our episodes

Episodes can be found on various streaming platforms and YouTube. New episodes are released weekly. In addition to new episodes being released, a short blog post will accompany each episode to describe and further extend the episode by providing additional resources for viewers. Episodes will be on all major podcast applications such as Spotify, Anchor, RadioPublic, Breaker, and Apple.

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