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Adult Education Should Not Be the Best Kept Secret in Town: What is Adult Education and Why Every Educator Should Know About It

Want to discover an educational service that is making an impact in our communities that you may not know exists? Adult Education programs may just be that as K-12 and Higher Education dominate the education-related discourse we see. Discover the impact of Adult Education so it is not the best-kept secret in your community as…

Instructional Design is the Foundation of Learning

Designing a lesson plan takes a wide range of strategies that incorporate the elements of engaging students, having students collaborate, assessing students, and then providing feedback. In the world of ever-changing instructional modalities, we have more opportunities than ever before to innovate our instruction.  In education, teachers provide us with tried and true strategies. They…

Artificial Intelligence Literacy – Understanding AI and Its Implications for Teaching, Learning, and the World

Dr. Matt Rhoads is a Tech and Instructional Leader and Innovator with hands in Adult Ed, K-12, and Higher Education. He is the author of several books and is the host of Navigating Education – The Podcast. By: Matt Rhoads, Ed.D.  What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Literacy? It is comprised of five major components that require us to…

My Why Behind All I Do: An Educator’s WHY

Have you thought about your “why” much? Do you think about the intentionality behind everything you do? Beginning my time in education years ago, our contexts change, and what we do on daily basis changes. It consistently makes me wonder where I am at and what my why is as to the work I am…

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