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Dr. Rhoads is an expert in educational technology and instructional integration in online, blended, and in traditional classroom settings. He also has expertise in instructing teachers and educational leaders on how to utilize data and data practices to make data-driven decisions to drive instruction. Also, Dr. Rhoads has a background in Special Education, which has given him experience in co-teaching, creating assessments, data collection surveys for Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs), and developing data reports to help in writing defensible IEPs. Lastly, Dr. Rhoads has researched and practiced effective professional development, which includes teaching teachers how to do through active learning and engagement and then providing teachers opportunities to experiment, innovate, and facilitate further training’s in their own districts and school sites.

Dr. Rhoads has partnered with The Discovery Source for all consulting ventures.

Mission: My goal is to make the edtech and instructional integration seamless for your school, district, or organization and to create solutions for teachers and school leaders to put their students in the best positions to succeed.

Edtech integration and instruction professional development

In these professional development sessions, Dr. Rhoads provides teachers with a step by step walkthrough of how to integrate both edtech and effective research-based instructional strategies. His philosophy includes a less is more approach that allows for all ability levels with the use of edtech to engage in his sessions. He shows by doing, which includes having teachers participate as both a student and as a teacher during the professional development so they can see how students can interact with the edtech and instructional strategies as well as have opportunities to work in the role as a teacher to build the lesson with the embedded edtech instructional integration for their students. These sessions include workshops, coaching sessions, and professional learning consultation with school and district based coaches and instructional leaders. In addition, Dr. Rhoads has worked with a number of Edtech companies roll out their professional development programs ranging from on-boarding districts to continuous professional development. In the same way as K-12 schools and districts, coaching, consulting, and professional learning sessions can be offered to your company to help amplify how you deliver professional development to your customers!

Dr. Rhoads also offers professional development that coincides with his books “Navigating the Toggled Term: A Guide for K-12 Classroom and School Leaders” and “Navigating the Toggled Term: Preparing Secondary Educators for Fall 2020 and Beyond.” In this professional development series, Dr. Rhoads will facilitate a book talk series of the book by helping teachers build their online instructional infrastructure and integrate instructional strategies with edtech to amplify student learning. Additionally, he will demonstrate how to employ “The Toggled Term Instructional Model,” which will help teachers transition their instruction seamlessly between online, blended/hybrid, and traditional classroom settings to allow for continuous learning to always take place throughout the school year.

Assessment, data Practices, and data-driven decision making to drive instructional change

Dr. Rhoads can consult with your organization to build assessments and utilize various edtech platforms to deliver your assessment that best meet the needs of your educational leaders and teachers.

Dr. Rhoads can teach your educational leaders and teachers within your district and schools how to utilize data to make data-driven decisions to drive instructional change. We now live in a world where student data is being constantly collected but not utilized on a daily basis. Therefore, Dr. Rhoads can provide a data literacy curriculum to help educators collect, clean/compile, transform the data using statistics, and creating decision-making frameworks to make the best instructional decisions for the students they serve.

Dr. Rhoads can consult with your Special Education Department on developing mechanisms to collect IEP data for writing draft IEP’s as well as goal progress. He can also provide recommendations on how to incorporate edtech tools to enhance the various types of co-teaching instructional models to help differentiate and personalize learning for all students.

List of services

  • Conducting live online or in-person professional development workshops. Workshops can range from half to full day sessions.
  • Working with teachers and leaders on developing in-house professional development programs.
  • Building assessments and utilizing various edtech tools to deploy the assessment.
  • Aligning instructional strategies with edtech to meet your school/district instructional goals.
  • Working with Special Education Departments to help develop data collection reports for IEPs.
  • Coaching, answering questions, and collaborating with teachers and leaders to help you meet your goals.

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