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EduSpark: Three Easy to Integrate Strategies to Amplify Instruction and Student Learning with Google Slides, Pear Deck, and Nearpod (FREE)

As educators, we want to create active learning opportunities for our students. Now, we have access to tools like Google Slides, PowerPoint, Pear Deck, and Nearpod that provide the platform for these opportunities to take place within online, blended, and traditional in-person classroom settings. However, the tool itself is not enough to amplify our student’s learning. Therefore, we must take the next step by incorporating strategies that are known to help us learn. By integrating these tools with research-based instructional strategies like Think, Write, Pair, and Share, Take One, Get One, and Retrieval Practice can further amplify the active learning opportunities for our students. In this introduction course, you will learn how to incorporate several basic strategies with interactive slides to amplify student learning. Check out the course by clicking here to go to EduSpark.World.

EduSpark is an online professional learning platform where asynchronous courses are created and housed by educators from around the world. It is a great place to build capacity in a variety of areas to amplify what we do as educators to support and amplify student learning!

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