Educational Leaders Must Build Data Literacy Skills

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In this publication, Dr. Rhoads’ research was highlighted in the January 27th edition of ACSA’s EdCal, which an online and print editorial of the Association of California Administrators. The article summarizes the research and calls upon educational leaders throughout California to build their data literacy skills in order to improve schools and districts in the 21st century. Click the link below to read the article published on EdCal.

EdCal: “Educational Leaders Must Build Data Literacy Skills” 

Igniting Your Teaching with Educational Technology: A Resource for New Teachers (2017)

The authors of Igniting Your Teaching with Educational Technology are here to reduce the stress of learning how to use technology in the first few years of teaching. As fellow educators, we understand the challenges you may experience and have written this textbook to support you in your learning. Ultimately, we want you to be to navigate the waters of educational technology without it becoming an additional burden on top of everything else on your plate as a preservice or first-year teacher. We have over one hundred years of combined, total teaching experience, in various capacities, grade levels, and content areas. Igniting Your Teaching with Educational Technology addresses six core themes that are of great significance when using technology in one’s teaching.

Chapter 1: Classroom Management explores classroom management tools for classrooms of all ages of students.

Chapter 2: Learning Management Systems discusses learning management systems that are likely to be central to your student teaching experience and as a first-year teacher.

Chapter 3: Assessing Learning addresses measuring student learning using technology, using both formative and summative approaches.

Chapter 4: Collaboration Tools outlines tools you can utilize with your students as well as your colleagues and professors to contribute to the creation of a resource together.

Chapter 5: Selection of Educational Technology describes how preservice teachers can select technological tools and applications for various experiences and situations they may encounter as teachers.

Chapter 6: Professional Development via Social Media provides information regarding how to use social media to network with other teachers as well as to grow professionally as an educator.

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