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Guest Appearance on the MyEdTechLife Podcast – Episode 84: Navigating EdTech & Personal Growth

In this episode, Dr. Rhoads discusses his second book Navigating the Toggled Term: A Guide for K-12 Classroom and School Leaders. He will also share what has happened professionally since his last appearance on our show almost a year ago. The conversation focuses on navigating EdTech, individual growth in education over the past year, the new book, navigating online, blended, and in-person learning, and future trends in education that are happening now. This is not an episode you will not want to miss out on!

Guest Appearance: Episode 525 of The Dr. Will Show Podcast

In a guest appearance on The Dr. Will Show Podcast, Dr. Rhoads shares with Dr. Will experiences consulting and navigating the ever-changing education world. We discuss business, social-emotional learning, creating environments for students to succeed and move into higher education, and EdTech and online learning. This is a conversation you will not want to miss out on as it is very relevant to all educators navigating the present and future of education.

Guest Appearance: Diving Deep Education Podcast with Matthew Downing – Episode 40: Blended Learning

In this guest appearance on the Diving Deep Education podcast, Dr. Rhoads shares examples of how to best organize a blended learning classroom while offering practical guidance that can be easily applied to a variety of classroom settings.  On top of that, we discuss the importance of routines and embracing the less is more mentality in relationship to technology tools.  Take a listen below to hear the conversation between host Matthew Downing and Dr. Rhoads.

Episode 40: Blended Learning with Dr. Matthew Rhoads

The bigedidea podcast guest appearance – the on-demand pd platform

In this guest appearance podcast, Dr. Rhoads is interviewed by host of the BigEDIdeas Podcast Ryan Scott about an idea regarding a platform that acts as an all inclusive profession learning application. Similar to the fitness app Peleton, Dr. Rhoads outlines how an application can be developed by a state or federal education department, which acts as a place vetted and regulated lessons can be observed by teachers and school leaders from across the nation. As a result, coaching and professional learning can be consolidated onto a single platform for observing different forms of instruction. The goal would ultimately be to help new, novice, and veteran teachers and leaders improve their practice as educators.

#21 for 21 Spaces interview podcast

Dr. Rhoads was a guest on the recent Spaces 21 for 21 interview podcast series. In this series, educators are asked a variety of different questions on how students can learn as well as prepare themselves for the world outside the classroom. The goal of the podcast is to equip teachers with the tools, tactics, and resources they need to empower their students to level the skills needed to succeed in our 21st century world. In our interview, we discussed resiliency, the ability to micro-manage, data and media literacy, and much more. Thank you Spaces for the opportunity to be a guest on this podcast!

The Teacher Discussion Series – EdTech Strategies and Integrations to Incorporate into your Classroom Instruction

Throughout the months of March and April, Paper tutoring sponsored their Teacher Discussion Series, which discuss how K-12 teachers provide several strategies and tools to take charge in tech-fused classrooms. Each discussion theme for the series was derived from my new upcoming book Navigating the Toggled Term: A Guide for K-12 Classroom and School Leaders. Each discussion was so enriching and we learned so much about integrating EdTech to support and amplify the learning of our students. Thank you to Paper for providing the platform to inspire and moderate these conversations!

Teacher Discussion Series 1: Enhancing Instructional Strategies with EdTech
Teacher Discussion Series 2: Modern Instructional Strategies for the Toggled Term
Teacher Discussion Series 3: Tech Tools and Strategies to Address Learner Variability

Full articles about each of the three discussions from the Teacher Discussion Series can be found in the following links below.

Teacher Discussion Series 3: Six Ways to Address Learner Variability—For “Roomies” and “Zoomies” Alike

Teacher Discussion Series 2: Enhancing instructional strategies with ed tech

Teacher Discussion Series 1: Modern instructional strategies for the “toggled” term

Laying the groundwork for writing your book: from inspiration to outline – Education without borders: moderated by dr. Rhoads

On February 17, 2021, Dr. Rhoads moderated “Laying the Groundwork for Writing Your Book: From Inspiration to Outline” on School Rubric and Education Without Borders. In this episode the authors discussed how aspiring authors can develop their books outline and structure on conducting research and building a framework for a successful book project through some helpful tips and tricks from successful authors. Panelists included Serena Pariser (Real Talk About Time Management, Real Talk About Classroom Management), ÉTIENNE (Rock Your Class), and Heather Wolpert-Gawron (Just Ask Us: Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement, Writing Behind Every Door: Teaching Common Core Writing in the Content Areas).

Classcast Podcast guest appearance – dr. Matthew Rhoads – Pandemic & beyond: The toggled term & the future of edtech

Dr. Rhoads appeared as a guest for Episode 53 of the ClassCast Podcast, which was released on January 17th, 2021. The host, Ryan Tibbens, discussed with Dr. Rhoads a number of topics relating to how teachers can leverage educational technology and instructional models to adapt to ever-changing pandemic scenarios while also preparing themselves and their students for the future of education. From “moneyballing” education to “navigating the toggled term,” from pandemic adjustments to the future of distance learning, this episode connects current contexts to on-going innovations in ways that will help listeners understand the effects on every student and teacher. Throughout the podcast, Dr. Rhoads mentions his first book Navigating the Toggled Term: Preparing Secondary Educators for Navigating Fall 2020 and Beyond as well as teases his upcoming book that will release in 2021. If you have any interest in school now or in the next decade, Dr. Rhoads shares ideas and predictions that will cement the value of edtech and adaptability into your priority list. Thank you ClassCast Podcast for the opportunity to discuss these important issues in K-12 education!

School Rubric – From conception to reality: Our experience in authoring and writing books

On January 5th, 2021, Dr. Rhoads was a panelist on a panel hosted by School Rubric on writing books. Dr. Rhoads along with the other panelists answered several overarching questions regarding how to write books and touched on the writing process, self-publishing vs. publishing with a publisher, motivations behind writing a book, and how publishing a book has changed our careers. This is a very informative panel for aspiring teachers and school leaders who want to write a book in the future. Be sure to check out this panel as well as current and future School Rubric content!

an appearance on the staffroom podcast – bonus episode #7: Author talk with Matt Rhoads

On December 2nd, 2020, Dr. Rhoads appeared on The Staffroom Podcast with Chey and Pav, which is a podcast on topics ranging from teacher instruction, school leadership, the arts, edtech and a plethora of others within the realm of K-12 education. In this episode, the topic was on Dr. Rhoads 2020 release of “Navigating the Toggled Term.” Dr. Rhoads outlines what the toggled term represents and its implications, the online instructional infrastructure, the Toggled Term Instructional Model, and discusses selecting various edtech tools for instruction. Throughout the conversation, both hosts ask captivating questions and add their own experiences and expertise into the conversation, which makes it one not to miss. Thank you Chey and Pav for the opportunity!

Tips and tools for support students with Special needs with edtech for online and blended learning classroom settings

On November 18th, 2020, Dr. Rhoads spoke to the North Coastal Consortium for Special Education Community Advisory Committee on integrating edtech tools and supports to help students with special needs in online and blended learning settings. During the presentation, he outlined resources for Chromebooks, Speech to Text, Read-Aloud Supports, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) friendly tools and activities, and much more. All of these tools and strategies to help students of all ability levels are implemented within his classroom and discussed in his books. Thank you to the Community Advisory Committee for the opportunity to speak on this topic to help teachers and families support students with special needs during this time.

Rising above the challenge – 46th annual occ gate conference: Edtech Integration to Differentiate

On November 14th, 2020, Dr. Rhoads was invited to speak at the OCC Gate Conference to discuss edtech integration to differentiate instruction for GATE students in online and blended learning settings. Within this presentation, he outlined how several prominent edtech tools can be integrated with instructional strategies to engage and differentiate instruction for students. One major aspect of what was discussed in the presentation is the power of digital portfolios and the integration of other edtech tools to help create student artifacts to exemplify their learning now in the present and over time. Thank you OCC Gate Conference for the opportunity!

google educator group socal monthy meet pd – November 2nd, 2020

On November 4th, 2020, Dr. Rhoads led a guest professional development session for GEG SOCAL for their monthly Meet Up professional development. In this session, Dr. Rhoads provided a number of engagement strategies integrated with a wide variety of Google Workspace Apps as well as Wakelet and Pear Deck. Then, he outlined how research-based instructional strategies can be used in any educational setting with the strategic use of edtech tools. Last, Dr. Rhoads discusses the Toggled Term Instructional Model, which outlines how teachers can transition their classrooms between online, blended, and HyFlex/Concurrent instructional models. Thank you for the opportunity GEG SOCAL. It was such a fun experience learning and leading that evening!

Guest appearance on teachers on fire roundtable – Google classroom and seesaw integration

On October 31st 2020, Dr. Rhoads and Alicia Rhoads appeared on the Teachers on Fire Roundtable discussing Google Classroom and Seesaw integration. The panel outlined strategies and instructional applications of how to use both learning management systems in tandem with one another. Mrs. Rhoads provided several key screencasts as she discussed how to incorporate student choice, teacher model, and hyperlinking Seesaw activities within the platform. Dr. Rhoads spoke about how utilizing both learning management systems together provides multi-modal learning all students. In addition, he outlined how Seesaw provides opportunities for teachers, families, and students to see evidence of student learning over time through the journal feature, which can be used a digital portfolio for a particular class for over the duration of the school year. Thank you Tim Casey and the Teachers on Fire Roundtable and podcast for the opportunity to speak about how we utilize both edtech tools together on a daily basis to amplify student learning.

Guest appearance: My Edtech Life podcast – Episode 25: Navigating the Toggled term with matt rhoads, ed.d.

Dr. Rhoads appeared on Aflonso Mendoza’s My Edtech Life Podcast on October 3rd, 2020 to discuss distance learning, blended learning, edtech, and his book “Navigating the Toggled Term.” In this conversation, best practices regarding distance learning and blended learning were discussed as well as the online instructional infrastructure, which allows teachers and schools to toggle between various educational settings. Lastly, we outlined how teachers and parents can create accountability for students by training teachers and parents on how to utilize the various edtech tools being used at their school site and district.

Guest Appearance: 10 minute TEacher podcast with vicki davis – research based strategies for distance learning with matt rhoads, ed.d.

Dr. Rhoads was featured on Episode 702 of the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Vicki Davis that was aired September 27th, 2020. In this podcast. Vicki Davis interviewed Dr. Rhoads regarding research-based strategies for distance learning. Within the interview, we discuss how to integrate instructional strategies, having a teacher toolbox of edtech tools and strategies, and how to model and observe online teaching for teachers. Last, we briefly discussed Dr. Rhoads book “Navigating the Toggled Term,” which related to our conversation regarding attendance issues and navigating the challenges of teaching amid a pandemic.

Listen to Episode 702: Research-Based Strategies for Distance Learning with Dr. Matt Rhoads – HERE

Note: Episodes of the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Vicki Davis can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.

Supercharger ventures & “The edtech book” online international webinar – Navigating the instructional challenges of the covid-19 pandemic

On September 2nd, 2020, Dr. Rhoads presented at an international webinar on educational technology for SuperCharger Ventures & “The Edech Book.” Dr. Rhoads spoke about the online instructional infrastructure as well as the toggled term instructional model, which allows for educators at any level of education to move interchangeably between online, blended, and traditional educational settings for continuous teaching and learning in lieu of the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic (more information from the presentation in more detail featured in Rhoads new book Navigating the Toggled Term). Thank you Janos Barberis, Karen Waserstein Engelman, and SuperCharger Ventures for the opportunity!

Guest appearance on Teacher SAves World Podcast: Episode 34 – “Are We Stuck with distance learning?”

On the August 31st, 2020, episode 34 of the Teacher Saves World Podcast was released where I was a featured guest. This episode was called, “Are We Stuck with Distance Learning?” because we discussed navigating distance learning, edtech, and the realities of the toggled term when we had the opportunity to talk about my new book “Navigating the Toggled Term.”

The conversation is insightful, dynamic, and therapeutic in many ways as three teachers outlined our currently reality as we head into the 2020-2021 school year. Teachers, school and district leaders, and parents can learn something from this conversation as we breakdown how to navigate this unprecedented time in K-12 education. Ultimately, through the conservation, we believe the theme “think less is more” is prevailing throughout the conversation, which hopefully can take off some pressure and stress for educators and parents as we head into this school year.

It was a pleasure to speak with Matt and Laurie Jones, two dedicated and experienced educators who truly care about the success of students. Thank you for the opportunity!

Link to the Soundcloud Recording: Episode 34 – “Are We Stuck with Distance Learning”

Be sure to check out more Teacher Saves World podcasts at www.teachersavesworld.com/podcasts.

Concordia University, Irvine “Perfecting the practice Blog” Article Publication

CUI’s Perfecting the Practice Blog, August 13th, 2020 Article

On August 13th, Concordia University, Irvine published an article I recently authored entitled “Building an Online Infrastructure so K-12 Teachers can Toggle their Instruction between Online, Hybrid, and Traditional Educational Settings” in it’s Perfecting the Practice School of Education Blog. Within this article, I preview what I feature in “Navigating the Toggled Term” called the Online Instructional Infrastructure, which discusses how K-12 schools and districts can move interchangeably between online, blended, and traditional educational settings. It is such a blessing to be able to give back. My hope is that teachers, principals, and district leaders take a look at this article and utilize it to help them navigate the instructional challenges of the 2020-2021 school year.

Take a look at the article: Building an Online infrastructure so K-12 Teachers can Toggle their Instruction between Online, Hybrid, and Traditional Educational Settings

“Navigating the Toggled Term” Interview on MindShare Learning Report


On August 6th, 2020, Dr. Rhoads was interviewed on the MindShare Learning Report Podcast on reopening schools and my new book “Navigating the Toggled Term.” Robert, the host of the show, provided some engaging questions related to engaging students in online and blended learning settings and safely reopening schools for blended learning. In addition, we discussed the online instructional infrastructure as well as the notion of toggling between online, blended, and traditional educational settings so learning can be continuous for students. Thank you, Robert and MindShare Learning for the opportunity!

Podcast Info and Link

Take a look by pressing the hyperlink below for the podcast!

Here is the link to the August 6th, 2020 MindShare Learning Podcast.

More Information

For more MindShare Learning Podcasts, check them out at www.mindsharelearning.ca

The Future of K-12 is Data Literacy


In this interview published in Paper Learning’s Blog, Dr. Rhoads was interviewed in July 2020 by a panel discussing reopening schools, data-driven decision-making, the importance of data literacy, and his new book “Navigating the Toggled Term.” Thank you Paper Learning for this opportunity to discuss these topics and to share our conversation with the world. Click the link below to access the interview published on Paper Learning’s blog.

Read the Article – Paper Blog: The Future of K-12 is Data Literacy

Educational Leaders Must Build Data Literacy Skills

edcal publication title and description

In this publication, Dr. Rhoads’ doctoral research was highlighted in the January 27th edition of ACSA’s EdCal, which is an online and print editorial for the Association of California Administrators. The article summarizes his research on data literacy and calls upon educational leaders throughout California to build their data literacy skills in order to improve schools and districts in the 21st century. Click the link below to read the article published on EdCal.

EdCal: “Educational Leaders Must Build Data Literacy Skills” 

Igniting Your Teaching with Educational Technology: A Resource for New Teachers (2017)

The authors of Igniting Your Teaching with Educational Technology are here to reduce the stress of learning how to use technology in the first few years of teaching. As fellow educators, we understand the challenges you may experience and have written this textbook to support you in your learning. Ultimately, we want you to be to navigate the waters of educational technology without it becoming an additional burden on top of everything else on your plate as a preservice or first-year teacher. We have over one hundred years of combined, total teaching experience, in various capacities, grade levels, and content areas. Igniting Your Teaching with Educational Technology addresses six core themes that are of great significance when using technology in one’s teaching.

Chapter 1: Classroom Management explores classroom management tools for classrooms of all ages of students.

Chapter 2: Learning Management Systems discusses learning management systems that are likely to be central to your student teaching experience and as a first-year teacher.

Chapter 3: Assessing Learning addresses measuring student learning using technology, using both formative and summative approaches.

Chapter 4: Collaboration Tools outlines tools you can utilize with your students as well as your colleagues and professors to contribute to the creation of a resource together.

Chapter 5: Selection of Educational Technology describes how preservice teachers can select technological tools and applications for various experiences and situations they may encounter as teachers.

Chapter 6: Professional Development via Social Media provides information regarding how to use social media to network with other teachers as well as to grow professionally as an educator.

Amazon Hard Copy                                                                          Amazon Kindle Edition

Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast on Textbook: October 4, 2018


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