My Why Behind All I Do: An Educator’s WHY

Have you thought about your “why” much? Do you think about the intentionality behind everything you do?

Beginning my time in education years ago, our contexts change, and what we do on daily basis changes. It consistently makes me wonder where I am at and what my why is as to the work I am doing.

While this blog is devoted to providing resources and know-how to educators in teaching and leadership contexts, I wanted to provide a short blog dedicated to “my why.” As the year moves forward, I reflect and see where I am at and how I can best articulate my vision, and how I can act that out. Beyond the facade of what you may see behind tweets, blogs, podcasts, and books, there is a driving purpose and vision I want to share.

Ultimately, I do not want this to get lost in everything I do. Thus, I wanted to reaffirm it in this post.

As an educator, my vision and “my why” is to make a positive difference in people I, directly and indirectly, work with locally and globally. Whether that is through academics, a positive relationship, or through providing outlets to learn and grow and also impact our local and global communities.

The notion of amplification is also within this vision. If pockets of positive impact occur, you never know of how that may also have a compounding effect. While ultimately never perfect nor intentionally perfect, it is something I strive for in the work I do. It gives me energy and motivation to work towards all of the contexts and projects I am participating in and working in.

To provide more context as to what gives me energy. The teachers and students I serve in Adult Education, Higher Ed, and K-12 are what truly motivate me. Their daily experiences and life experiences motivate and humble me – I learn from each individual every day and try to remain present. I am still working on being as present as I can in the interactions I have throughout my days.

Beyond that, my wife, who is also an educator, provides me with plenty of motivation and wisdom you do not see on the surface. It manifests in the work if you know us well. Additionally, my PLN has also been one of the most impactful and influential groups of people who have given me the energy to create and work toward fulfilling my vision. Last, my family also provides that motivation. I learned early on that action toward fulfilling your vision is a major determining factor. I thank my Grandfather and Dad for modeling that to me from an early age.

In the end, I hope this contextualizes “my why.” I also hope this provides more context behind the work and projects I have released. As 2023 moves forward into the future, I keep these thoughts close and hope you have time to also reflect to either reaffirm or continue to modify your vision and why as life moves forward. It not only helps bring forth purposefulness, it brings forth gratification when you see your vision manifest every day in the work you do.

Published by Matthew Rhoads, Ed.D.

Innovator, EdTech Trainer and Leader, University Lecturer & Teacher Candidate Supervisor, Consultant, Author, and Podcaster

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