Navigating Education – The Podcast – Season 1 Recap: Part 3

After the first ten interviews of the podcast, interviews began being categorized into series. During Season 1 of the podcast, the Seven Part series on Coaching was produced. This series created an engaging and informational sequence of shows that were geared towards all coaches in the educational realm. Moving into Season 2 of the podcast, expect more series to be produced on a wide range of topics to help educators navigate the present and future of education.

Enjoy these final 15 episodes as they are jam-packed with information to amplify your practice! Season 2 is coming in 2022!

Episode 35: Season 1 Podcast Summary and Reflections

Episode 34: Part 7 of the Education Coaching Series – Reflecting on Major Coaching Themes from the Series

Episode 33: Part 6 of the Education Coaching Series – Coaching with An EdTech Integration Mindset with Jake Miller

Episode 32: Part 5 of the Coaching Series – Coaching Educational Leaders with Janelle McLaughlin

Episode 31: Part 4 of the Education Coaching Series – Evolving as a Coach Over Time with Coach Todd Malecki

Episode 30: Education Futuring – What is it and How it can Benefit School Leaders and Teachers to Navigate the Present and Future with Dr. Richard Bernato

Episode 29: Part 3 of the Coaching Series – Coaching and Mentoring as an Instructional Leader with Sean Scanlon

Episode 28: Part 2 of the Education Coaching Series – Coaching and Mentoring Pre-Service Teachers with Dr. Samantha Fecich

Episode 27 – Part 1 of the Coaching Series: Beginning the School Year as an Instructional Leader/Coach with Etienne’ aka Steven Langlois

Episode 26 – Creating Opportunities to Show and Measure Qualitative Student Growth with Mike Rutherford

Episode 25 – Digital Assessment Tools with Samantha Shaffner

Episode 24 – Coworking Spaces and Canadian Education / EdTech with Robert Martellacci

Episode 23 – Going Gradeless with David Frangiosa

Episode 22 – Education Podcasts with Alfonso Mendoza

Episode 21 – How to Avoid Teacher Burnout with Kevin Leichtman Ph.D

Published by Matthew Rhoads, Ed.D.

Innovator, EdTech Trainer and Leader, University Lecturer & Teacher Candidate Supervisor, Consultant, Author, and Podcaster

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