HyperDocs and HyperSlides Create UDL Lesson Opportunities

Over the last few posts, we’ve covered how to create and utilize HyperDocs and HyperSlides. These integrations with these EdTech tools are game-changing as they provide a variety of instructional options ranging from student choice, personalized learning, and the Universal Design for Learning (UDL). We have already covered how they can be utilized for theContinue reading HyperDocs and HyperSlides Create UDL Lesson Opportunities

HyperDocs and HyperSlides Create Student Choice

HyperDocs and HyperSlides can be utilized to create student tasks and assignments that promote choice and student agency. Additionally, they can help improve the efficiency of your lesson planning by being utilized as templates time and time again for your lessons. Last, they can boost student engagement, creativity, and innovation as it provides them withContinue reading “HyperDocs and HyperSlides Create Student Choice”