Navigating Education – The Newsletter: ISSUE 4 – August 2nd, 2021

I Cannot Believe It’s August 2021! I cannot believe we are moving into August of 2021. More than half of the year is already over. It’s hard to imagine that we are also starting a new school year. Within this issue, I am providing a number of resources ranging from books, blogs, podcasts, and educationalContinue reading “Navigating Education – The Newsletter: ISSUE 4 – August 2nd, 2021”

Edtech Equity and Engagement Blog Series: Part 3 of 4 – Collaboration Edtech Tools & Instruction

In any educational setting, regardless of whether it’s a distance, blended, or traditional setting, student collaboration should be one of the major focal points in a classroom. As we continue to move forward in the 21st-century students will not only have build collaborative skills with one another in-person, they will also have to collaborate throughContinue reading “Edtech Equity and Engagement Blog Series: Part 3 of 4 – Collaboration Edtech Tools & Instruction”

Using Data to Make Data-Driven Decisions in K-12 Education: Part 2 – Cleaning Data

Building data literacy to make data-driven decisions takes several steps. It does not simply just happen. But with practice, we can conduct data-driven decision-making seamlessly throughout the school day. Last week for Part 1 of this blog series, we focused on collecting student data and understanding there’s plenty of it to be collected in K-12Continue reading “Using Data to Make Data-Driven Decisions in K-12 Education: Part 2 – Cleaning Data”

Book Release – “Navigating the Toggled Term: Preparing Secondary Educators for Fall 2020 and Beyond”

Amazon Paperback: Available Now – Click Here! Amazon Kindle – Coming Soon! When schools shut down in mid-March, there were so many questions we had to begin to address as our country and world dealt with the onset of challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, these challenges completely uplifted K-12 education inContinue reading “Book Release – “Navigating the Toggled Term: Preparing Secondary Educators for Fall 2020 and Beyond””

IEP Meetings During Distance Learning – Tips and Tricks to Get Ready and to Conduct Effective Online IEP Meetings

For all districts around the country that did not completely close, Special Education has not stopped. Districts and Special Education teachers have scrambled to ensure students are receiving services and supports. For those that may not be involved in Special Education or how the United States provides services for students with disabilities, Individualized Education PlansContinue reading “IEP Meetings During Distance Learning – Tips and Tricks to Get Ready and to Conduct Effective Online IEP Meetings”

Teaching High School Math Using Google Classroom and Seesaw – How we Transitioned to a 100% Paperless Math Class

Transitioning from co-teaching freshmen math face to face to co-teaching the same class virtually caused my co-teacher and me to completely redesign our class. Much of our thought process was geared towards trying to emulate our original class procedures, instructional pedagogy, and supports as much as we could to provide to our general education and Special Education students in our class. We also wanted to develop an online class design that would provide an equitable approach so all of our students can access the content at their own time and pace in addition to providing access to both co-teachers for one on one support. Thus, my goal here is to provide you with insight as to how we transitioned our face to face course to a fully online math course. I am going to provide you with our thought processes, the edtech tools we used, and how we decided to deliver content to our students. Specifically, I am going to focus much of the conversation on using two separate learning management systems, Google Classroom and Seesaw, to provide the most equitable platform in tandem for our students to access the content and to receive quality instruction and feedback from us.Β 

EdTech Tools to Get You Started With Your Online Teaching! Start Now!

As classrooms in K-12 schools and university’s move online, there a many Edtech tools available to use. My district is beginning to implement online learning this week so I wanted to share some of the Edtech tools I have some expertise in teaching at the secondary level in English, Social Sciences, and Math. Here isContinue reading “EdTech Tools to Get You Started With Your Online Teaching! Start Now!”

Teaching Online with Whiteboard Fox: Math Instruction and Co-Teaching

This week I wanted to provide several posts aimed specifically at Edtech tools I am using now to instruct my students online. Today, I wanted to share an amazing Edtech tool that can be utilized during live online instruction and for screencasts. Whiteboardfox is an online whiteboard teachers can use to write, draw, add text,Continue reading “Teaching Online with Whiteboard Fox: Math Instruction and Co-Teaching”

Steps to Building Your Online Classroom for K-12 Educators

Building an online classroom in a matter of weeks may seem daunting. Many educators may argue that you are recreating the wheel; especially, moving from a face to face learning experience to an online one. However, with some judicious thought and planning, moving a class online in a matter of weeks does not have toContinue reading “Steps to Building Your Online Classroom for K-12 Educators”

Selecting Edtech Tools for your Online Classroom

As we all transition to remote learning, we have been bombarded by a multitude of edtech tools we can utilize. At times, I am sure it is overwhelming as many are scrambling to build an infrastructure for their online classes. Therefore, I wanted to spend a few moments to describe the decision-making process for selectingContinue reading “Selecting Edtech Tools for your Online Classroom”

Launching YouTube Channel

Purpose This project has been a long time coming but it was recently spurred by the effects of the Coronavirus on K-12 schools and at colleges/universities. For months I have been planning on developing a YouTube channel devoted to edtech tool “how-to’s” for all classrooms and data literacy tutorials to help build the capacity ofContinue reading “Launching YouTube Channel”


Tomorrow, I am speaking at the Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference in Las Vegas. I am excited about the opportunity as I get to share my research with peers in the field of education as well as researchers in other fields. The results of this research is intended to inform educational leaders and policymakers regarding what is needed to help educational leaders like principals, assistant principals, superintendents, district coordinator, teacher leaders, and teachers to provide insight to how they can become more data literate. Ultimately, data literacy is needed in order to utilize various data practices (i.e., collecting, compiling/cleaning, and transforming data using statistics) to make data-driven decisions for instructional improvement. I am excited to share a quick summary of the research as well as the slideshow I am presenting at the conference tomorrow morning.Β