New Book Release! Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative – Amplifying Authentic Learning in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

On January 4th, 2023, Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative – Amplifying Learning in Authentic Reading, will be released with EduMatch Publishing! It is a book on research-based strategies integrated with EdTech tools crowdsourced by teachers across the world who are doing these strategies and tech integrations within their classrooms, schools, and districts. This is book two of a series of four books, which is focused on providing K-20 teachers with strategies to support student learning in reading, writing, and mathematics. Additionally, it focuses on building student voice and agency while using research-based strategies with EdTech tools. Last, its geared towards providing an entire toolkit of instructional strategies and EdTech integrations to teach reading, writing, and mathematics, regardless of teaching and EdTech expertise, as it has strategies and integrations for anyone that can be utilized across all age levels. To learn more about the book and Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative series, you can visit

Purchase the Book – Amplifying Authentic Learning in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics on

Thank you to Becky Lim, who helped edit, curate, write, and collaborate with me on this project along with our wonderful contributing authors Dr. Jenn Toney, Dr. Janet Ilko, and Sammi White. Additionally, thank you to our eight other contributing authors that provided additional strategies and EdTech integrations for each chapter throughout the book’s three main chapters.

Throughout this post, you view the book’s Livestream launch celebration interview with the authors as well as information about purchasing the book in its printed and Kindle formats. We hope you enjoy learning more about the book as well as hope you can join our #AmpGlobalEdu community by reading this book and joining in on the conversation to amplify student learning across the globe.

See below to review a preview of the book for FREE. Additionally, below you can review the cover and back cover to learn more about the book and its reviews.

Published by Matthew Rhoads, Ed.D.

Innovator, EdTech Trainer and Leader, University Lecturer & Teacher Candidate Supervisor, Consultant, Author, and Podcaster

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