New Book: Igniting Your Teaching with Educational Technology – A Resource for New Teachers

A New Book!

I would like to announce the release of Igniting Your Teaching with Educational Technology: A Resource for New Teachers I helped write with my doctoral cohort. As a cohort, we worked extremely hard to complete this project over the course of the last quarter. I am proud of our accomplishment and I extremely satisfied we are all published authors with the release of this book. I enjoyed leading the project, writing several sections and co-editing the book. Great job CUI Cohort 7. You guys were great to work with! #CUIEDD #2019

Below, I will describe the contents of the book. Here is the cover page.


Books Contents

The contents of Igniting Your Teaching with Education Technology contains educational technology tools, teaching strategies, and advice from teachers from differing content areas and grade levels.  This book is designed for new teachers entering the profession as well as teachers who need a resource for new educational technology tools and strategies they can utilize in their classrooms, schools, and districts. Below, I have created a graphic outlining its chapters and the topics it discusses.

Igniting your teaching with Ed Tech

Purchasing the Book/Books Website

Get your copy of Igniting Your Teaching with Educational Technology on today! In addition, for more resources regarding the book, check out the website It contains additional links, videos, and advice from other co-authors of the book.

Continue checking this blog for more updates on my studies, research, and publications. There are many more projects coming in 2018. Look for more posts in February/March regarding future projects!


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