Doctoral Research Update! Winter 2019 – Recruiting Participants

I wanted to provide a quick update on where I currently am on my doctoral research. As of now, I just passed the preliminary dissertation phase in December where I defended my first three chapters of the dissertation. During this defense, I defended my study’s methodology as well as how I derived the methodology from the academic literature.

Now, I am going to begin collecting data for this study. My goal is to collect data during the months of February and March. I must recruit the participants for the study. I am looking to recruit the following types of educational leaders: assistant principals, principals, superintendents, district coordinators (i.e., Technology, Curriculum, Special Education, etc.), and teacher leaders (i.e., grade level leaders, content leaders, and department heads).

I am hoping to obtain 100 participants across California for this study. This will give us a good sample size to conduct data analysis. I am excited to see what types of data I will be able to undercover regarding data practices and data cultures in K-12 schools

If you are in one of these roles as an educational leader or know someone who is, please contact me via email at and I will send you the survey for an opportunity to participate in this study. Your participation will be very valuable to expanding this body of literature as well as helping me complete my dissertation. As they always say, “a good dissertation is a finished dissertation!”

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I will be posting in the next several months regarding my progress on Chapters 4 and 5 of my dissertation. In addition, I will also be posting about another project or two I am going to begin working on this spring through fall! I am excited about this because it relates directly to my dissertation research. Lastly, I will be presenting my research proposal to ACSA educators at the ACSA Conference in Orange County, CA at Brandman University of Orange County on January 26th! Be sure to come by if you are in the area. There will be many other doctoral students at this conference as well as several keynote speakers. I am sure it will be a great day of learning!

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