Student Self-Reflection, Self-Assessment, and Metacognition Using Interactive Slides – Part 4

As we know, Pear Deck and Nearpod can be utilized and integrated into a wide variety of strategies. Student reflection and metacognition strategies are part of this range of strategies! In Part 4 of our Interactive Slide Blog Series, we will cover this in-depth. Metacognition and Reflection – A Skill Set for Lifelong Learners AsContinue reading “Student Self-Reflection, Self-Assessment, and Metacognition Using Interactive Slides – Part 4”

The Power of Student Self-Assessment and Metacognition

As the school year comes to a close, it is a time to put a lot of emphasis on reflection and self-assessment. We want our students to reflect on what they have learned, evaluate the skills they’ve improved in, and assess which areas they need to focus on continued improvement for next school year andContinue reading “The Power of Student Self-Assessment and Metacognition”

Implementing Instructional Strategies and Lesson Plans with Edtech and your Online Classrooms

Here is a comprehensive guide of how face to face instructional strategies and lesson plans can be integrated to online classrooms. It is a powerful conversation of how research based instructional strategies can align with edtech tools that can be used within an online classroom setting. You can begin using what is discussed in this post now to make your online class an engaging environment and equitable to your students.